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Provisional Minutes from the May 9, 2017 Presbytery meeting

Documents for May Presbytery Meeting - Cash Receipts/Payroll Policy, Guidelines for Expenditure & Voucher Approval & Directory for Worship FAQAmendments to the Constitution (approved by 222nd G.A., 2016) for affirmative or negative vote on Amending Book of Order -

·         16-G. Access to the Lord’s Table – On Amending W-2.4011a. and b. (pgs. 13-14)

·         16-H. Revised Directory for Worship – On Replacing the Directory for Worship (pgs. 15-40)

            [please refer to booklet previously mailed with the February Call Letter and to the Clerk/Pastor/Church and give to your commissioner(s) for the May meeting]. If another hard copy of the booklet is needed, please contact the Presbytery Office or go to the following site and download a copy.  https://www.pcusa.org/resource/ga222-proposed-amendments-constitution/

Next Presbytery Meeting:  Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2017, 7:00 p.m., Trinity PC/Clarksburg

2017 Per Capita is $29.58 (Presby-$19.78/Synod-$2.30/GA-$7.50)

Shelocta D.C.


Hosted by Shelocta Presby Church (182 S. Ridge Rd., Shelocta, PA 15774),

Tues, 8/1/17 from 6-9PM.

Personal Impacts, Ways You Can Help

This workshop provides personal stories from those who are impacted by the drug crisis in our area. This is not all about hopelessness, but provides a way to see how to help be involved in solving this terrible plague of our community. Don’t want to be a victim? Then be a part of the solution for those who are affected by the disease of drug addiction.
Speakers in a panel-style conversation will each share their own perspective and then dialog together in answering your questions
Coroner Jerry Overman, Dan Christy of Citizen’s Ambulance, Detective David Rostis of the Drug Task Force, Donna Weckerly, Karen McMillen, Val Young, and others.
FOR MORE INFORMATION: Call the church at 724-354-2352


5K Run

Shelocta PC is hosting a 5K Run/Walk on Saturday, Sept. 23, 2017 at 10:00 a.m.  Unfortunately our present website is being uncooperative and we are unable to post the info here.  If you go to our Facebook page at the address below, one of the first Word-type photos pictured there will display the information when clicked on.  



Also, if you go to Shelocta's website, www.sheloctapc.orgyou may click under Event Spotlight to get a downloadable form to complete.

Sorry for the inconvenience!