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Assistant Stated Clerk :

The position of Assistant Stated Clerk will be open and needs filled for a term beginning
January 1. Please see below for the position description. If you would like to apply,
please provide a resume and short statement of what you bring to the table.
OCTOBER 30th is the deadline for applications.  Reply to one of the following:
Rev Dr. Don Wilson, Rev. Dr. Brenda Barnes, or Marilyn Tully

Brief description:

The Assistant Stated Clerk shall assist the Stated Clerk in the performance of his/her duties, and
shall assume the duties of the Stated Clerk in his/her absence, or at the request of the Stated
Clerk or Presbytery Cabinet. The Assistant Stated Clerk shall be appointed by the Stated Clerk
and approved annually by the presbytery, shall be eligible for reappointment and shall assume
the duties of the office upon presbytery approval.

– assisting the Stated Clerk at presbytery meetings and meetings of the cabinet
– serve as a member of the Docket Committee and Presbytery Cabinet
– serve as secretary of the Cabinet in the absence of the Stated Clerk
– review all minutes taken by the Stated Clerk
– perform other duties of the Stated Clerk as needed
– attend the Office of the General Assembly Fall Polity Conference annually
– chair the polity review team meetings

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