Presbytery Cabinet

Presbytery Cabinet

The Presbytery Cabinet focuses on long-range planning, strategy-building, budget-operating, and coordinating activities of the Presbytery.

Presbytery Administrative Team (PAT)

Administration Commission

The Administrative Commission conducts the administrative work of the Presbytery and serves as the Trustees.

Ministry Support Team (MST)

Ministry Commission

The Presbytery develops and implements strategy for congregational locations, redevelopment, and pastoral leadership.

Ministry Resource Team (MRT)

Resource Commission

The Resource Commission helps congregations grow in strength and discipline and opportunties for leader training.

Presbytery Mission Team (PMT)

Mission Commission

The Mission Commission encourages partnership in service and will identify mission needs and connect resources where possible.

Presbyterian Women

Presbyterian Women

Presbyterian Women (PW) is an independent organization within the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) of more than 300,000 women.